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Contributions by the Anthropology Division

In its globalization efforts and as part of building international image, the Anthropology Division participated in the Philippine International Cultural Festival in Paris, France in 1994 showcasing Filipino culture and society. The "Documentation, Preservation and Propagation of the Tagbanua, Palawan, Hanunuo and Buhid Syllabic Scripts" was also a very significant project since the installation of the UNESCO marker at the Museum of the Filipino People on October 1999. The event highlighted the inclusion of thc Philippine Paleographs or the ancient syllabic scripts of Tagbanua, Palawan, Buhid and Hanunuo in the "Memory of the World" register of the UNESCO. A primer was launched during this event.

Another important feat is the launching of "Glimpses: Ethnic Groups of the Philippines" in CD-ROM at the Museum of the Filipino People. The CD-ROM features the selected ethnographic collection of the Anthropology division specifically about culture, location, and distribution of these ethnic groups.

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