Our Quest for Excellence

Contributions by the Archaeology Division

Following the much publicized success and euphoria of the Tabon skull cap and other discoveries, foreign institutions have developed a growing confidence level in the capability of the National Museum's Archaeology Division to pursue more projects of similar magnitude.

In addition to the scientific acclaim of its archaeological achievements in the past forty years, the Division takes much pride in the fact that two of its key people were similarly recognized. Angel P. Bautista and Miguel Accion, Jr. received the National Museum's Kapwa Award in 1992 and 1996, respectively, for their outstanding contribution to public service. Accion received the most distinguished Dangal ng Bayan Presidential Award in 1993 for his outstanding accomplishment as a public servant.

Keeping an eye on its goals and objectives, the Archaeology Division is certainly headed for more and greater challenges in the coming years.

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