The Arts Division

Role of the Arts Division

As earlier mentioned, the Arts Division is dedicated to the overall agenda of preserving, maintaining and restoring national art treasures. Along this endeavor, and in order to further propagate Philippine art, it is envisioned as a world-class Gallery and Research Center for art collectors, enthusiasts and students all over the globe.

The Arts Division is also preoccupied with research work, such as the "Biographies of the Filipino Artists", a compilation of works of l9th century masters including Juan Luna, Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo and other national artists for the visual arts, contemporary painters, sculptors and printmakers. Another important research is that of the picturesque "Philippine Fiestas and Festivals" which is a visual documentation through artistic approach of various themes on cultural activities like rituals, rites, and important festivities held in the country.

Of late, the Arts Division has taken a new role. Under the government of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Republic Act 9105 was passed creating the Art Authentication Board which recommends for prosecution those involved in the illegal trade of fake art works. The Arts Division provides the needed support to the Cultural Properties Division in the execution of this task.

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