Metal Age

Duyong Cave, Palawan

Lingling-o, a kind of ear pendant fashioned from green nephrite (jade) is the characteristic trait of the Early Metal Age. Its basic form is a ring with a slit in one side to fit the pierced earlobe. The simplest is plain but some are decorated with three studs in the form of buds. Sometimes these studs are elongated into long spines or projections.

One of the finest jade ornaments found to date in the Philippines is the double- headed pendant recovered from Duyong Cave, Palawan. It is an example of the superb craftsmanship of ancient carving in jade. Ear pendants were also recovered from Arku Cave in Penablanca, Cagayan, and from Uyaw, Guri and Rito-Fabian caves in Palawan.

The ear pendant was made not only from jade but also from shells, clay and stone. The kind of material used for personnal ornaments suggests differences in social standing. The lingling-o form made of gold or brass pendants and earrings still survives among the Ifugao and the Igorot in northern Philippines.

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