Christmas Card Series

Manuel Rodriguez, Sr.

Christmas Card Series, composed of 12 prints, is a creative effort of Manuel Rodriguez Sr. This series depicts themes associated with the Christmas season while incorporating local touches that can be seen in his renditions of mother-and -child, three magi, spruced up church and ancestral houses, pig roasting, and other genre scenes. Since the lantern (or parol) is a favorite Christmas decoration in the Philippines, it is prevalent in all of the artworks.

Christmas is the much awaited and longest celebrated tradition in the Philippines. Although the Western Christmas celebration may involve Christmas trees, wreaths, bell, and Santa Claus, this series fuses the art of print-making with another popular Western practice, that of card-giving on special occasions.

Rodriguez is acknowledged in the cultural community as a pioneer of Philippine graphic art. Serigraph or printing through silk-screen was the method used by the artist in creating this series.

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