Hills of Nikko

Jose T. Joya

One such fine example of non-figurative abstract expressionism is the Hills of Nikko. It is the artistís interpretation of one of the existing hills in Nikko, Japan. During wintertime, the hillís imperfections are thoroughly covered by snow. However, during summertime, those imperfections are expressed by the artist in terms of bold brush strokes and super-imposition of lines.
The painting is actually an allegory to human imperfections. The earth colors symbolize the weaknesses and limitations of humanity while the hues of greens and blues represent life and hope. The white background represents the snow that starts to envelop the mound. In the process, the entire imperfection will be covered thus presenting the cycle of life.

Jose T. Joya Jr. introduced the style of non-figurative abstract expression in the Philippine visual art. He was also the exponent of contemporary art on ceramic with the Madonna and Child series.

The artist also espoused interaction paintings among the leading contemporary painters namely Cesar Legaspi, Hernando Ocampo, and Vicente Manansala who are now National Artists.

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