The Cultural Properties Division

Turning Points


Since its inception, the Cultural Properties Division has been actively and aggressively pursuing a campaign the registration of private collections, issuance of permits for excavations/excavations, and issuance of new or renewed licenses for dealers, particularly the provinces. In the last five years alone, a total of 10,880 various types of cultural properties were registered and over 8,000 licenses were issued to dealers in the enforcement of P D. 374.

The best measure of effectiveness in so far as the registration aspect is concerned is revenue. In the last five years, the Division generated a consolidated gross income of P 880 million earned from registration of collections, permits and licenses, although a good part of this hefty figure comes as a result of the license fee increase implemented in the year 2000. Even then, this is very encouraging news for the National Museum as it has a high impact on savings and revenue.

The Cultural Properties Division as the recognized authority covered by P.D. 374 has done a number of researches about this subject as more questions or clarifications were raised. Various literature in this regard were made by Mr. Cecilio G. Salcedo, Mr. Efren Cz Flores, Ms. Norma Checa, Dr. Paciente Cordero, and many others. These continuing studies paved the way for the drafting of the Philippine Heritage Law which was subsequently passed this year.

Many surprising revelations are being unearthed as the Cultural Properties Division proceeds with work. For instance, local residents accidentally discovered shards on the surface of a piece of land in Bolinao, Pangasinan in 1983. These turned out to be buried artifacts. Shards of porcelain of the Ming period and shards of piedra china of the late Spanish Period were found in Botolan, Zambales and Rosales, Pangasinan, respectively, in 1985. These areas were recommended for salvage archaeology.


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