Lumad Mindanao


As we celebrate the National Language Month this August, headed by the Commission on the Filipino Language, the #NationalMuseumPH is launching the “Lumad Mindanao” book. This is dedicated to the Lumadnon as another collective indigenous group in the southern Philippines perceptively negotiating and narrating their place in the Filipino society. We hope that this publication will help narrow gaps in accounts written about them and understand their present situation by providing accessible and updated reference material.


This book is based on our permanent exhibition at the National Museum of Anthropology featuring over 200 material culture from the National Ethnographic Collection; a comprehensive ethnolinguistic map and language tree of both Lumad and Bangsamoro groups collated from different historic, ethnohistoric, ethnographic and linguistic sources; and historic and contemporary photographs from the archives of the National Museum of the Philippines, the Field Museum of Natural History, University of Michigan Digital Collections and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Southeast Asian Studies Image Collection. There are also features on their tangible and intangible cultural heritage and a narrative on the widely disputed history of the Tasaday. A catalog of the ethnographic, archaeological, herbaria, and zoological collections displayed at the Lumad Mindanao gallery is also included in the book.


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