The Restoration and Engineering Division

Historical Notes

Monuments and museums, sites and shrines - these are some of the cultural landmarks that must be preserved and maintained through all of history. This is why the Restoration and Engineering Division was formed.

The former Restoration and Conservation Division was created in 1974 by the signing of P D. 260, a law providing for the preservation of national cultural properties. It started as an "ad hoc" function with Architect Leonardo Concepcion as the only employee. After a year, Benito A. Cagahastian and Oscar Villaruz were appointed to the positions of Supervising Architect and Museum Researcher, respectively. Cognizant of the volume or quantity of work to be accomplished by this tiny group, six more persons were added in 1976. In 1987, by virtue of Executive Order 117, a reorganization program was implemented. A maintenance unit was integrated with the Division, thus necessitating the change of its name to Restoration and Engineering Division with Engr. Eugenio C. Magboo, Jr. as Head.

This development signaled the start of a more aggressive stance towards museum planning and development. At present, the Division counts a manpower strength of 22 employees, all technically equipped to fulfill the demands of the Division and the objectives of the Institution.

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