The Restoration and Engineering Division

Role of the Restoration and Engineering Division

The statutory functions of the Restoration and Engineering involve research, survey, and documentation. Specifically, it undertakes the survey and actual measurement of immovable landmarks, museum properties and sites for purposes of data compilation, and prepares case studies on conservation of architectural heritage.

The Division is also concerned with the physical planning program of the National Museum wherein it prepares the plans, working drawings and structural computation for proposed projects of the agency, and performs the construction and development of the Museum Building, field offices and branches, and landscape.

The Division likewise provides educational support to students and researchers about the principles of basic museum planning and design. It renders technical consultancy to other government agencies or private institutions and individuals regarding museum/exhibit set-up and proper implementation of restoration works.

The Restoration and Engineering Division is anchored on safe and strong grounds, and founded with the right attitude, the right values and the right technology. Its achievements in the preservation of our national cultural heritage are steps in the right direction. But through timely and consistent support from the leadership of the National Museum, as well as from national and local government, projects will continue to move forward with precision.

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