The Anthropology Division

Role of the Anthropology Division

The role of the Anthropology Division is focused on the study of the Filipino images and national identity by investigating his cultural complexities, reconstructing and linking the past with the present, and preserving the national languages.

In the pursuit of education, the Division has trained anthropologists and researchers headed by Mr. Artemio Barbosa, who untiringly seek out frontiers in culture. The division translates this technical knowledge into more understandable and practical forms through lectures, interviews, publications, and exhibitions.

The Anthropology Division has a symmetrical research program connecting scientific data analysis and fieldwork which research institutions abroad have recognized. Researchers in anthropology have documented the different Philippine ethnolinguistic groups and subgroups, identified material cultures utilized, and produced the types of their technologies.

Moreover, the Division has a cultural arm that leads in the study and preservation of the country's rich cultural heritage. The collection of material culture or artifacts of the different peoples the Philippines has been intensified a the collections have been put up in several exhibitions, documentations, and lectures with the integrated study of people utilizing the artifacts.

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