Bust of Mons. G. Aglipay

Guillermo E. Tolentino

The Bust of Mons. G. Aglipay highlights the distinctive features that are trademarks of Guillermo Tolentino sculptures whether in terra cotta or bronze - perfect anatomy with particular emphasis in the eyes and character of the subject. Take note of the meticulous rendition of the cloth wherein the folds and texture are meticulously captured including the seemingly authoritarian look of the figure.

The subject, Monsignor Gregorio Aglipay, was a former Catholic priest that became the founding bishop of the Philippine Independent Church (Iglesia Filipina Independiente) also known as the Aglipay Church.

The classical style of sculpture in the Philippines is the pioneering effort of Guillermo E. Tolentino. He championed the cause for classical art in the Philippines withstanding several critics in the advent of modernization in the Philippine art.

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