The Cultural Properties Division

Historical Notes


The Cultural Properties Division takes centerstage in the tedious process of authenticating, documenting, and registering the cultural properties of the country. These include antiques, artifacts, jars, potteries, and other materials that are of cultural and historical significance.

From the standpoint of history, the Cultural Properties Division appears as young as the Museum Education Division, having been established only in 1974 through R.A. 4846. The function, however, dates back to the post-war government and was carried out by its predecessor, the Arts and History Division. The function was again passed temporarily to the Museum Education Division in 1974 and was placed under the leadership of Mrs. Rosario B. Tantoco, only to be bequeathed finally the Cultural Properties Division. President Ferdinand E. Marcos amended R.A. 4846 through the issuance of P D. 374 or the "Cultural Properties Preservation and Protection Act" January 10, 1974.

With this amendment, the presentday Cultural Properties Division has become an entity that is vested with police powers, sharp enough to enforce the full force of the law in safeguarding our national cultural properties.


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