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Contributions by the Geology Division

With the significant results of their explorations, the Geology Division has received an overwhelming recognition from scientific practitioners here and abroad. Not only did the division's research findings become phenomenal successes but the names of prominent personalities like Paniza, Lopez, Gutierrez, and Alagar also became familiar words in scientific and historical books and publications.

The Division likewise earned the respect of the National Committee on Geological Sciences (NCGS) as it has been invited to participate in activities and projects like the declaration of Ilocos Sand Dunes and Hundred Islands as geological monuments and the launching of a national contest on the National Mountain of the Philippines. The PCARRD, a DOST-initiated research organization, was impressed with the Division's geologic achievements and has granted project funding for the Study of Zooplankton in Aklan Province. Foreign collaborations such as that with the Iowa State University are also living proofs of the Division's capability in handling scientific researches.

The Geology Division led today by Mr. Roberto SP De Ocampo looks forward to the coming years with great anticipation as new programs and new projects will provide new findings in the geological sciences. After all, the success of the Geology Division is also the achievement of the Filipino people in general.

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