The Geology Division

Role of the Geology Division

The Geology Division is primarily responsible for undertaking basic studies in Petrology, Mineralogy and Paleontology, establishing and maintaining an adequate reference collection, and disseminating scientific information through exhibits and relevant publications.

The last decade up to the present was a period of improving and enhancing the Division's reference collection, research projects in collaboration with other divisions, participation in activities of other geoscience organizations, dissemination of information about rocks, minerals and fossils and refurbishing the existing geological exhibits. Collection management includes acquisition and maintenance through cleaning, accessioning, cataloguing, labeling, storing, restoring, and inventory. More than 18,000 specimens are being maintained yearly while more than four thousand specimens were acquired through field collection, donation and exchange. Databasing of all specimen collection for documentation and exhibition and thin sectioning of rock specimens are some of the on-going activities being conducted to enhance its collection.

Today, the role of the Geology Division has been expanded. Projects are now concentrated in areas where there are archaeological and anthropological interests, for which the Division provides geological background and other relevant information that may be of help in correlating the finds and the surroundings. Technical assistance is likewise provided to different schools and scientific bodies.

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