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Mr. ANGEL P. BAUTISTA, Acting Assistant Director and Curator II of the Cultural Properties Division participated in Cave Guide Training held in Marinduque Province as lecturer in fields of Archaeology and Paleontology from April 1 to 3, 2014.


Hosted by the Provincial Government of Marinduque and the Philippine Speleological Society (PSS), the training was participated in by more than thirty employees of the provincial government, regional employees of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, PSS members and Barangay officials of participating municipalities that include Boac, Toririjos, Gasan, Mogpog and Santa Cruz.


The Province of Marinduque is famous for caves and rock shelters. The cave classification undertaken by the Regional Cave Committee revealed forty one (41) caves. These caves in the aforementioned municipalities were surveyed and assessed that resulted in the discovery of human bones indicating the use of caves for burial purposes.


1983, the National Museum conducted an archaeological survey in several municipalities of Torrijos, Gasan and Santa Cruz. The survey resulted in the identification of caves that were used for burial purposes. However, the site inspection conducted by Mr. Bautista during the guide training in Ka Amon Cave in the Municipality of Torrijos resulted in the discovery shell midden areas in opening or the mouth of the cave as well as in the inner chambers. This provided evidence that the caves might be used as habitation in the earlier period of human occupation. It is therefore recommended that an extensive archaeological excavation be conducted in this cave in order to determine its significance in Philippine Prehistory.


Marinduque is also famous for its underwater archaeological sites. Underwater archaeological exploration and excavation resulted in the discovery of wreck sites that shed light on the Age of Trade with Great Traditions of Asia about 1,000 years. The famous artifact, Marinduque Celadon Jar, is one of the National Cultural Treasures of the country.


The caves and rock shelters including underwater archaeological sites are potential ecotourism sites. However, there is a need to inform stakeholders, policy makers, concerned government agencies and institutions on topics like proper cave management, national ecotourism priority areas, standardization of caving skills and other activities that will ensure its protection and preservation for the future generations of Filipinos.


Participants of the Marinduque Cave Guide Training, during a cave exploration in Torrijos


Mr. Bautista together with cave explorers and participants after the exploration of cave in Torrijos that was used for habitation and burial proposes.


A shell midden in Ka Amon Cave, Torrijos, Marinduque


Human skeletons found on the floor of Ka Amon Cave





Age of Trade


1280 to 1368 AD, Yuan Dynasty


The Yuan Celadon Jar has a body embossed with Chinese dragon design which is one of the only three known of its kind in the world.


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