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Architect Augusto Villalon, NM Trustee and Mr. Angel P. Bautista, Acting Assistant Director represented the National Museum in the multi-sectoral meeting with the Diocese of Tagbilaran led by Bishop Medroso and a group of US-based Filipinos and American volunteers in connection with the rebuilding of Bohol heritage churches damaged by last year 7.2 magnitude earthquake.The meeting with was held on April 12, 2014.


The US based Filipinos and American volunteers created a group Bohol Restoration Group Inc. (BRG) led by Filipino Ambassador to the US, His Excellency Jose Cuisia, Jr, to help specifically the building of alternate churches in Baclayon, Dauis and Loay. According to its members “the BRG’s volunteerism and desire to restore important heritage sites mean a lot not only to the Boholanos affected by the earthquake but also to Filipinos and non-Filipinos who have visited these churches.” Members of BRG are structural engineers, cultural heritage officers, architects and experts in the fields of restoration and conservation.


During the meeting, heads of various institutions updated the Diocese of Tagbilaran on the progress of the recovery effort and the restoration plan of damaged churches including the construction of alternate churches. NM Trustee Architect Villalon emphasized in his talk the proper restoration of heritage structures while Acting Assistant Director Bautista gave an update on the rehabilitation, recovery and conservation effort of the National Museum. Likewise Mr. Bautista presented to the Bishop a comprehensive progress report and the Management Plan for the Rehabilitation, Recovery and Conservation – Phase I of the Restoration Project of NCTs and ICPs damaged by earthquake and typhoon Yolanda.


On April 13, 2014, A Declaration of Acknowledgement of Support was signed for the task of rebuilding the centuries-old churches, or cultural heritage sites, destroyed by the 7.2-magnitude earthquake that struck Bohol. According Ms. Margaret Lacson-Ecarma of the Washington-based Bohol Restoration Group Inc. and Ma. Socorro Bautista of the Defending Family Values Foundation Inc., their organizations will also assist the recovery effort of the National Museum, specifically in Loboc Church.


Mr. Bautista presents the Management Plan for the NM Recovery Effort to Bishop Medroso

Architect Villalon during the discussion on restoration plan

Mr. Bautista together with Fr Ted Milan Torralba, Ms. Encarma and BRG consultant


BRG members visiting NM conservators in the temporary storage facility in Loboc Church

Ambassador Cuisia delivers his speech on their plans in assisting the Diocese of Tagbilaran in the restoration of churches


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