Shifts in Context by Ofelia Gelvezon-Tequi


Shifts in Context features the works of Tequi from her personal collection and from the National Fine Arts Collection (NFAC) created in 1968 until 2001. An outstanding painter and printmaker, having been the educated in the Philippines, Italy and New York, this catalog shows her early works, her self-portraits, her series of homage to Italian painter Ambrogio Lorenzetti, and the Apocalypse series. Noteworthy in this exhibition is her work from Prof. Ambeth Ocampo’s collection entitled Predella, which demonstrates the tedious process of etching with viscosity color print—a printmaking technique that Tequi mastered earning her spot as one of the pillars of printmaking in the country.


This catalog, with the support from the NMP Gender and Development Committee celebrates Tequi’s passion and commitment to her craft and artistry which inspired generation of women painters and printmakers to soar and create a name of their own in a male-dominated art world.


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