National Museum Act of 1998

Sections 10-14

Section 10. Organization of Board; Expenses, Gratuitous Services; Powers. The Board of Trustees shall meet in the City of Manila and elect five (5) of their members as an executive committee, and shall fix the time for the regular meetings of the Board; and, on application of any three (3) of the trustees to the Director of the Museum, it shall be his duty to call a special meeting of the Board of Trustees, of which he shall give notice, by letter, to each of the members. The Board may function notwithstanding vacancies, and, at any meeting of the Board, six (6) shall constitute a quorum to do business. Each member of the Board shall be paid his necessary travel and other actual expenses, in attending meetings of the Board, which shall be audited by the executive committee, and recorded by the Director of the Museum; but his service as trustee shall be gratuitous.

The Board may establish such other committees as it may deem proper. The Chairman of any committee to be established must be a member of the Board.

The Board is authorized to adopt an official seal which shall be judicially noticed and to make such bylaws, rules, and regulations, as it deems necessary for the administrations of its functions under this Act, including, among other matters, bylaws, rules and regulations relating to the acquisition, exhibition, and loan of works of art, the administration of its trust funds, and the organization and procedure of the Board.

Section 11. Director of the National Museum; Duties; Programs and Studies; Annual Report to Congress. The Board of Trustees shall appoint the Director of the Museum and two (2) Assistant Directors. The Director shall be in charge of the over-all operations of the Museum and implement the policies set by the Board of Trustees and programs approved by it. The Director shall have a proven track record of competent administration and shall be knowledgeable about Museum management. The Director assisted by two (2) Assistant Directors shall be in charge of the expanded archaeological sites and the Regional Museum Division of the Museum.

Section 12. Acting Director. The Board may, by an instrument in writing filed in the office of the Secretary thereof, designate and appoint an Assistant Director to act as Director when there shall be vacancy in said office, and whenever the Director shall be unable to perform the duties of his office due to illness, absence, or other cause, and in such case the person so appointed may perform all the duties impose on the Director by law until the vacancy shall be filled or such inability shall cease. The Board may change such designation and appointment from time to time as the interests of the Museum may in its judgment require.

Section 13. Salary and Removal of Director and Assistants. The Director and his assistants shall, respectively, receive for their services such sum as may be allowed by the Board of Trustees; and shall be removed by the Board of Trustees whenever, in their judgment, the interests of the Museum require such removal.

Section 14 Personnel Training and Development. The Museum shall undertake training and development programs to upgrade the capabilities of the Museum personnel in the various functions of the Museum.

Apart from the practice of allowing scholars to train abroad on official time, personnel involved in the technical aspects of museology and the graduate programs in the disciplines of anthropology, archaeology, the arts, botany, geology and paleontology, astronomy, and zoology, and services related to the operations of the Museum, shall be allowed to pursue their graduate programs on official time, subject to the needs of the service, upon approval of the Director.

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