National Museum Act of 1998

Sections 15-19

Section 15. Exhibition Unit and Central Registry Unit. An exhibition department shall be organized in the Museum that will specialize in the planning, design, and execution of quality exhibitions. The services of highly specialized persons may be engaged whenever necessary for specific purposes in this regard. A central registry unit shall also be established with the objective of ultimately integrating documentation of all collections into one computerized system.

Section 16. Supervision over Regional Museums. Museum branches with ten (10) or more personnel and/ or high property accountability or cultural value shall be upgraded to regional museums upon recommendation of the Director of the Museum.

The Director of Museum, through the Assistant Director, shall have full supervision over regional museums and their personnel. The regional museums shall serve as information and cultural centers offering comprehensive and substantial collection of the local archaeological finds, objects of art and other local cultural treasures.

Section 17. Reception and Arrangement of Specimens and Objects of Art. TWhenever suitable arrangements can be made from time to time for their reception, all objects of art and foreign and curious research, and all objects of natural history, plants, and geological and mineralogical specimens belonging to the Philippines, in whosoever custody they may be, shall be delivered to such persons as may be authorized by the Board of Trustees to receive them, and shall be so arranged and classified in the Museum as best to facilitate the examination and study of them; and whenever new specimens in natural history, geology, or mineralogy are obtained for the Museum, by exchanges of duplicate specimens, which trustees may in their discretion make, or by donation, which they may receive, or otherwise, the trustees shall cause such new specimens to be appropriately classed and arranged.

All specimens, artifacts and objects of art will be registered immediately upon entry to the Museum, and records will be maintained of all objects in the collections or on loan to the Museum. An inventory will be kept and updated to reflect any movement of objects within the Museum or elsewhere. The objectives will be to add full catalogue entries to the records, based on curatorial expertise. Records will initially be kept on paper, but should be computerized in a professional museum documentation system as soon as time and budget allow.

Section 18. Laboratories and Facilities. The Museum shall have laboratories and such other adequate facilities for the conservation, preservation and storage of its collections.

Section 19. Protection of Property. All laws and ordinances for the protection of public property shall apply to, and be in force for, the protection of the lands, buildings, and other property of the Museum.

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