National Museum Act of 1998

Sections 30-35

Section 30. Hiring of Foreign Consultants. - Subject to the provisions of the Labor Code and other pertinent legislation, the National Museum may hire foreign consultants and experts.

Section 31. Health Services. The Museum shall be provided with adequate health care services.

Section 32. De-accessioning Policy. The National Museum may provide for a de-accessioning policy for the purpose of upgrading its collections.

Section 33. The National Museum shall be allowed to charge admission fees. - It shall also be open on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Section 34. Special Budget and Audit Rules Applicable to the Museum. Recognizing the unique status and special needs of the Museum, the Commission on Audit, Department of Budget and Management and the National Museum shall draw up special rules enhancing and implementing the legislative intention to provide the Museum complete and full flexibility and fiscal autonomy in accordance with generally accepted rules and practices applicable to similar institutions. Said rules shall be drafted and promulgated within sixty (60) days from the effectivity of this Act.

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