Reference Collections of Philippine Flora, Fauna, Rocks, and Minerals



The National Museum maintains reference collections of Philippine flora and fauna including pollens and osteological specimens; and rocks and minerals. These are widely used by students and researchers to determine the identity and taxonomy of their specimens. The divisions that hold these reference collections are the Botany Division, Zoology Division, Geology Division and the Archaeology Division.

For inquiries on any of the above mentioned collections, please contact the concerned division heads listed below:

Archaeology Division: Dr. Mary Jane Louise Bolunia, Museum Curator II, telephone number, 527-0308 or via email at

Botany Division: Dr. Luisito Evangelista, Museum Curator II, telephone number, 527-1218 or via email at

Geology Division: Priscila Ong, Museum Curator I, telephone number, 527-1175 or via email at

Zoology Division: Marivene M. Santos, Museum Curator I, telephone number, 400-3239 or via email at


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