The Zoology Division

Role of the Zoology Division

From a hundred years back, the Zoology Division has remained steadfast in its commitment to respond to the mandate of the National Museum. Then and now, its concern, aside from exhibitions and education, is the inventory, study, and preservation of the rich Philippine fauna covering birds, mammals, crustaceans, shells and mollusks, insects, reptiles, corals, fishes, echinoderms, polychaetes and sponges, from both land and marine areas. These mandates were recently strengthened by the National Museum Act of 1998.

As a result, however, of the changing milieu in the socio-economic and political arena, the Division has broadened its role into that of being an active participant in policy development. In 1999, for instance, it provided valuable inputs in the creation of the "Philippine Wildlife Act" that seeks to protect our wildlife including its trade, research, and sustainable use.

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